In today’s world, the visually impaired have many opportunities that were unavailable just a few decades ago. Improved awareness among policymakers and the public and advancements in technology have allowed the blind and partially sighted a better quality of life. They can now take part in many sports activities. In this article, we will list some of the sports activities that the partially sighted and the blind can enjoy.

  1. Football.

The world’s most favourite sport, football is now available even for the visually impaired. The game has become so popular that it was included in the 2012 Paralympic Games held in London. Everyone except the goalkeeper has to wear a blindfold to level the playing field, and the ball is modified to make a jingling sound.

  1. Swimming

Swimming associations worldwide are tying up with groups associated with visual impairment to offer special sessions for the blind and partially sighted. In fact, the sport has got so much attention that multiple competitions have started at the regional, national, and international scale.

  1. Goalball

Goalball was specifically created for people with visual impairment. Over the years, its popularity has given rise to men and women’s competitions at international and Paralympic level. Goalball is played on a rectangular pitch, typically in an indoor stadium. A heavy audible ball is thrown across the field with the aim of breaching the opponent’s goal line. Each team has three players, and all of them have to wear blindfolds.

  1. Table Tennis

Table Tennis is considered to be the easiest sport to play for those who have lost vision. Many partially sighted people can play the game with no modification to the rules or the equipment.

 Apart from these, there are at least half a dozen other sports that can be played by blind as well as partially sighted people.